Ship Agency & Protecting Agency


  • SHIP AGENCY    Aeromarine offers a full agency service, covering all relative to the cargo operations and documentation, port clearance, ordering of pilot, tugs, stevedores and other services for and on behalf of the Charterer, with the disbursement account being sent to the appointing party.
  • Estimating costs of port.
  • Sea Freight Clearance 
  • Stevedores Service 
  • Pilotage Services 
  • Towage Services
  • Tug Hire 
  • Launch Services
  • Line Handlers 
  • Loading / Unloading Operations 
  • Road / Transport Services 
  • AMS Manifest Filing 
  • Customs Clearance 
  • Customs clearance and local deliveries
  •  Charts & Publications 
  • Courier DHL Services 
  • Warehouse Storage 
  • Warehousing and distribution 
  • Rental: Cars, Minivans, SUVs, Pickup Trucks
  • Rental: Bulldozer, Shore Cranes, forklift and Payloder
  • Cargo Survey & Claims Handling
  • Surveyors 
  • Underwater Inspection and Hull Cleaning


  • PROTECTING AGENT Integral and complete service of supervision to protect the interests of the vessel owner, monitoring and checking the work of the consignee agent and overseeing all the port activities
  • Crew Change;

    ----------Crew Logistics 
    ----------Airport meet and greet 
    ----------Travel Assistance 
    ----------Crew Ticketing
    ----------Hotel Bookings 
    ----------Luggage Handling 
    ----------Maritime Crew Visa Applications 
    ----------OK to Board Letters

  • Cash to Master
  • Medical assistance for crew
  • Repairs on board
  • Air freight clearance and deliveries 
  • Handling of Transit Cargo
  • Spare Parts Clearance & Delivery 
  • Aero Taxi


  • SERVICES IN THE PORT Aeromarine's personnel has a vast experience in the maritime way of more than 20 years same that can be reflected in the commercial alliances that have been forged by the most serious and strong companies of the region, this formula allows us to satisfy all the needs of his vessel's with the highest standards of quality.
  • Ship chandlers:

----------Fresh Water 
----------Provisions stores

  • Sewage Removal 
  • Slops Removal
  • Bunker Scheduling / Coordination 
  • Bunkers 
  • Shore Power Generators 
  • Garbage collectors

-----------Fumigation Services 
-----------Garbage Disposal 
-----------Garbage Removal